If it seems like the people of our generation are always getting sick on purpose, then I feel bad. We live in 2020, yet many of us still find ourselves with colds, sore throats, coughs and heartburn. That’s just to name a few medical issues we can all relate to, and more than likely, some of the culprits are not from what we do on a daily basis. It’s usually because something was on our mind or we think we need to rest. But it could also be a result of how much we exercise or what we eat. We often get things wrong. Or maybe we just don’t take care of ourselves. Either way, we’re living healthy now and, according to health experts, those who are healthy are happy and don’t mind getting sick if they need to. So, if you want to stay healthy and happy as well as make good choices, here are ten ways healthy people stay healthy.

  1. Exercise

It seems like no other thing speaks louder than exercise and yet we rarely ever get enough of it. In fact, most of us only exercise about once every week (or less) and we feel pretty miserable when we don’t see results. However, when exercise is involved, we feel amazing. Our energy levels soar and our minds are sharper. You might even find that a great deal of your mind goes down the drain when you’re working out. On the flip side, however, our bodies would love nothing more than sitting on the couch at home, while wondering why and how the hell I’m unable to lift up my arms and legs or move around on my feet. Yet we keep going and keep throwing ourselves into workouts. And while it might seem like everything is okay, I assure you that there is a reason why people feel so miserable doing nothing even when it’s actually the best medicine. Not only is running a great workout, but it’s also important for building muscle and being able to sustain it. While we don’t focus on losing weight, that’s just an easy excuse to avoid exercising because “not everyone’s got time”. Many of us exercise only because we have social anxiety, or simply don’t want to lose weight. In reality, neither of those reasons are real, let alone the last one. The point is, we should want to exercise. The benefits alone should motivate us to push on anyway. Plus, a huge majority would rather have someone else telling us how great life is than have a lot of excuses themselves. If you do exercise regularly, make sure to keep an eye on your progress and keep pushing yourself hard. Because, without good motivation, nobody will keep doing the same thing they do each day.

  1. Eat right

As if we needed any further proof that eating right is absolutely worth its weight in gold, then look at two men having lunch, one of whom is overweight and the other doesn’t want to lose weight. Both of these individuals ate salads on whole grain breads and avoided processed foods. Even though both of these men were perfectly dressed, the first one had more weight than the second one. Well, of course this is another sign that health is worth the effort, but you also have to be careful where you put it. For example, instead of stuffing yourself and using chips or French fries while others are ordering burgers or pizza, try making something from scratch. Instead of grabbing fries or chocolate fudge bars at the supermarket, go for watermelon parfait bars or eggless chicken sandwiches. Just because it feels good does not mean that that is healthier for you. There are plenty of delicious recipes to go round in the supermarket, and if you choose to use them, the chances are that you’re not doing anything wrong. Besides, just because we’re surrounded by unhealthy food, doesn’t mean we have to be exactly like them. To stop this, make sure you try to limit the amount of processed junk that we get at work every day. Also, learn to prioritize the quality of ingredients and the time, effort and money that you spend on the process. When it comes to eating carbs, cut down on sugary drinks. Lastly, eat veggies to help reduce calories and sugar. As you can tell, the main reason why these two men were so unhappy was not their looks but the bad taste of most things they did. They were eating too much salt, fat and sugar. All it takes is a little extra effort to change the course of their diet and your health will take a hit.

  1. Go To The Gym

Going to the gym is among the easiest, most effective and happiest ways to boost your body’s immune system. Especially considering how we live at the moment. There are people dying from COVID-19 every single day, people getting seriously ill because of obesity, and even children not getting the proper nutrition to survive their childhood. With all of this, it’s no wonder people feel drained when they’re supposed to be healthy. However, it’s possible to stay healthy and happy and get motivated to hit the gym and work out. Not only will this give you a chance to work out, but it’ll improve your overall physical appearance as well. Your mind and body look so good when you’re pumping yourself up for whatever you do. Plus, it gives you new motivation. Like the man in question who didn’t want to lose any more weight and wanted to stay strong with his physique. Now he’s not bloated anymore, and his overall look is much better. His happiness levels are in control.

  1. Get a massage

We’ve all been there at least once. Someone loves their back, maybe, but somehow it never works out. Maybe they try it twice and it just doesn’t feel right and they’re tired of it. Perhaps you go several times with nothing changing and still nothing changes, too. Maybe, after going to some people you’re desperate to find something to do and you end up playing with a dog for half an hour before you actually return home, and it feels pointless. Massages are one of the simplest and most affordable ways to relax and recharge. Moreover, they do wonders for your mental health! A lot of studies show that giving massages to someone helps relieve stress and improves emotional wellbeing. At the very least, they feel relieved and they can relax all by themselves. After all, if you enjoy massage therapy and have some left over from the evening before, you might as well give it a shot.

  1. Practice self care

Have you ever heard the saying “Selfless acts like taking a shower or showering every morning give us life?” Or “If it’s not nice enough for you, then it won’t be nice for anyone else.” Those words are certainly true here, especially when we really need the bathroom during the day to give us the pleasure we’ve been craving. Of course, some of us don’t want to let out a drop of urine or pee on the toilet for fear of getting judged, but sometimes nothing can truly satisfy us more than to get a fresh shave. Take a deep breath for a minute and stretch until your butt feels numb. Most importantly, just take the time for yourself. Self-care is essential for human beings, but we often forget just how important it actually is. No matter how much time and effort you dedicate to improving your wellness situation, you will eventually run out of time and you will get bored and frustrated with yourself. Time isn’t a luxury for humans, nor are our wants and needs. So, make sure that you devote some time for yourself. Don’t just spend 15 minutes, but spend 20 hours. If you get tired, put down the razor blades and get ready for bed. Do it for yourself and you’ll feel wonderful in the end.

  1. Avoid distractions

We are surrounded by distraction everyday. From our mobile phones to kids playing outside or friends talking in the car. These small everyday problems can become quite crippling and lead us into depression and apathy. Hence, it becomes incredibly helpful to practice self-care. Be sure you don’t check social media or scroll through Instagram too much. Look for activities that you can do when you need and leave the ones that you can never do. This allows you the opportunity to focus on the future, not the past. By prioritizing self-care, we can manage the future for ourselves and protect our lives from unnecessary worries. We’re capable and we have complete control over the direction that we’ll take our lives. Additionally, being distracted doesn’t help our productivity either. Our ability to accomplish tasks is diminished when we’re constantly searching for things that bring us joy. Therefore, avoid any form of digital stimulation — including Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. Furthermore, avoid reading books of fiction because you’ll find yourself struggling to concentrate, your brain racing and your creativity will fail you. As Martin Luther King said, “The unexamined life is empty until you find what moves your heart.”

  1. Think positively

Let’s face it, we all get depressed. Whether it’s due to stress or personal tragedy

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