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Commercial Food Service Equipment – Rent or Buy?


If you have a food service business, you have probably realized that there’s more to having a food service business or franchise than just maintaining a place and cooking some dishes within it. You’re probably realized that there are a lot of things that you need and don’t currently have, such as freezers and other kitchen equipment and you have most likely come across the dilemma of whether to rent or buy them.

It all stars with you taking a step back and reassessing your business, or lack thereof. What exactly is it do you need? What risks are you willing to take? Simply put, if you are able to wait and add a few more bucks to your initial capital, you can purchase every type of equipment you need. If you are just missing one piece of equipment, or just need an extra display fridge for instance, then it may be better to just rent it just for operations to continue.

Buying is a lot more favorable if you are a completionist. Simply put, if you just want to get everything over with and not want to worry about having to pay the lease for any equipment you may have rented, then buy it. If your business can survive without a freezer for a few weeks, for instance, then you can forgo renting and just hold on until you have enough to buy it.

Renting is a better choice if you do not want to stop operations. Let’s say your old freezer breathed its last breath and you don’t have enough to buy a brand new one. You also can’t afford to close down your business. This would be a good time to consider renting a freezer instead. Your business continues to operate while you’re saving up for a brand new freezer.

There are a few pros and cons with each choice, though. For instance, when buying additional equipment, you may take a huge chunk off of your profits for the purchase. When renting equipment, your profits drop a little since a small portion of it goes into paying for the lease. Simply put, renting adds more figures into the expenses column of your ledger.

Still, it all depends on your situation. Assess your business situation and base your decision of either buying or renting from that. At its simplest, buy the equipment if you can afford it and rent it with the intention of buying it in the future if you can’t afford it for now.

Buying or Renting Food Service Business Equipment


Anyone in the food service industry knows that for a business to flourish, there needs to enough equipment to make things smooth. For instance, those that specialize in desserts and cold or frozen sweets would do well with display fridges to entice walk-ins to buy them. With equipment available for lease with certain providers, food service business owners tend to have second thoughts whether they should buy or rent the equipment.

There are advantages and disadvantages of each, and they will depend on the situation of your business.

For instance, buying food service equipment ensures that you have it brand new. While rental equipment may still be in good condition, they’re far from new. If they finally break due to wear and tear, the rental company may charge you depending on the contract you signed. Another advantage of buying the equipment outright is that it is yours for life. As long as your food service business is running, you can use the equipment.

Of course, there are disadvantages as well. One would be the fact that there’s just a lot of equipment necessary for a smooth business operation. Buying them all can bloat your needed capital, and you have to operate for few months to get your return of investment.

As for renting, it has its good points. One would be the fact that you can continue doing business without having to buy the necessary equipment. As long as your business is running, you can save up for the equipment purchase while still reaping profits. It’s also a good option for business owners who need to open their food service company but are lacking in funds for, say, a freezer or an ice machine.

The downside is the fact that while you can continue doing business, a part of the money you make goes to the equipment lease. It essentially becomes a loan, where you can have what you want now but you don’t get your full paycheck for the next few months.

That being said, it’s important to evaluate the status of your food service business and see whether it is worth paying a lease for equipment taken out of what’s supposed to be your profits or if it’s worth the risk to wait a few more weeks and just purchase the equipment outright. Unfortunately, no expert can tell you what to do. You’re going to have to decide for yourself and think about the long term benefits of your potential decision.

Rules of Party Drinking


Perhaps no calendar or family holiday would do without the presence of alcoholic beverages on the table. It became an integral part of almost every party. Today it is rather simple to order liquors and beer delivery from one of the stores, so there is no need to go to a liquor shop. You should follow the rules of drinking if you do not want to feel burning shame and heavy hangover after it. Simple rules will help you not to get drunk and keep your mind sound until the party is over. We have turned to professionals from delivery liquor stores to share these rules with the readers.

Remember that alcohol affects the body beneficially if it is taken in small amounts, expanding blood vessels, improving digestion and speeding up heart rhythms. But alcohol in an amount of 200 – 300 grams is able to cause intoxication.

The basic rule of liquors and beverages drinking states that you can not drink on an empty stomach or if you feel tired. But there are a few tricks that will help you not to get drunk and stay sober as much as possible. Here are a few simple ones. Drink a cup of tea with lemon and mint before the party. If you have not such an opportunity, then just eat something greasy as soon as soon you have arrived to the party. This can be a piece of pork or butter sandwich. Before you start drinking, you can eat a raw egg or a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Fat has a shielding effect, and it will prevent from the rapid absorption of alcohol in the stomach and intestines. There is an option to take 6 – 8 tablets of activated charcoal before a meal, charcoal will act as an absorbent that will not let alcohol to be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly.

You should not try all the drinks served on a party table. It is much better to choose the one you really want to drink. If this does not work, then drink beverages with increasing degrees of alcohol and try not to mix cereal-based drinks with grape drinks. According to this, it is better to drink cognac, but not vodka or whiskey after a wine, but after drinking beer it is better to drink vodka or whiskey. You should also remember that people get drunk from carbonated drinks and cocktails faster and that sugary drinks lead to hard hangover.

If you feel that it is enough, you should stop immediately and not to listen to others. The most important is to listen to your body and your feelings. By increasing the amount of alcohol you will feel only worse, because the body intoxication will only increase. It means that you need to know when to stop. Observance of these simple rules will help you if not to stay completely sober, but not to get drunk and loose your face, as well as exclude the possibility of heavy hangover the next day after a party.

Grand Canyon Flight Tours And Why Christmas Holiday Season Is The Time to Fly


If you have plans to make a Vegas getaway over the Christmas holidays this year, you ought to take a Grand Canyon air tour while you are there. Winter is very beautiful in the national park, so it is an ideal time for an aerial tour, plus, you can find some great deals on tour packages.

Christmas day is the only day of the year that the aircraft don’t take flight, but you can book your tour for any other day over the holidays.

Find The Best Price For Your Christmas Tour Of The Canyon

The winter months are the best time to find good deals on Grand Canyon tours. For starters, you want to book your tour in advance. That way, you can take advantage of any early bird deals available. Although you’ll probably be able to get your tour tickets up to about 72 hours in advance, it is better to play it safe and get your seats two weeks ahead of time. Also, buy your tickets online because that’s where you’ll find the lowest prices.

Flight Options

You can choose from an air tour that lands at the canyon, and a tour that just circles the canyon and heads back to Vegas. The landing tours offer more thrills and fun, but if you need to save money, you may want to opt for an air-only tour. The aerial tours are great on their own and provide you with around three hours of flight time and aerial viewing.

Tours That Land

If you take a landing tour to the West Rim, you can land on the canyon floor or on top of the rim. Making the flight to the canyon floor to land is an experience you don’t want to miss. It gives you an interesting perspective on the canyon, and once you land, you can enjoy a champagne picnic.

Landing on top of the West Rim is good too, because that puts you near the world famous Grand Canyon Skywalk, which is an experience you’ll always remember as you walk out beyond the canyon wall on a bridge of glass.

Tours Of The South Rim

The flights from Vegas to the South Rim are by airplane. Planes can get to the South Rim in about 60 minutes, and they set down at the airport near the main gates. These tours include about two hours of viewing the Grand Canyon National Park, so you’ll get to see many of the highlights. Airplane tours can usually be upgraded to include a helicopter flight from the South Rim to the North Rim and back.

Las Vegas Plane Tours

Planes that depart from Vegas also tour the West Rim. The planes follow the same flight path as the tour helicopters, but they fly at a higher altitude. Plane tours are the least expensive type of aerial tour, so they are great if you need to control your spending. And there is no worry about sacrificing your sightseeing experience since you can add a chopper tour of the canyon to your flight package.

To Conclude

Taking an aerial tour of the Grand Canyon during the Christmas season is a fabulous idea. There is a tour for any budget, whether you fly by plane or helicopter. Both types of tours are amazing and you’ll see many beautiful sights. Just remember to book your tour online and do it in advance. Then you can save a bundle on your tour to one of the most beautiful wonders of nature.

Ecuador’s Private Reserves


When it comes to bird watching, Ecuador has many privately owned reserves and refuges that are ideal for nature enthusiasts. Two such reserves – the Sacha Lodge and Paz de las Aves Bird Refuge – are world renowned and give two unique perspectives on the diverse bird population and landscape. Although these privately owned reserves are organizations for profit, their primary goals lie in their conservation efforts and the pleasure of introducing the country’s natural beauty to visitors from all over the world.

The Sacha Lodge

The Sacha Lodge was founded by Swiss born businessman ‘Benny’ Ammeter. His purchase and later development of 500 hectares of land surrounding Lake Pilchicocha was motivated by his love and fascination of the exotic land and rainforests of the country. The Lodge opened in 1992 with six guest rooms and has quickly become an ideal place for bird watching. Ecuador is a favourite destination for bird lovers hoping to immerse themselves in a pristine rainforest environment to observe Neotropical species in their natural habitats.

Ecotourism Meets Conservation

Sacha Lodge strives to perfect what it sees as the true basis of ecotourism, which includes a balance between rainforest and environment conservation, economic development, and respect for local culture. The Lodge offers visitors a truly unique experience and insight into the natural rainforest – especially for those with a passion for bird watching. Ecuador has, sadly, lost many acres of its beautiful rainforest to deforestation, but the Lodge continues to fight against this destruction and has, over the years, saved around 5000 acres of land from this practice. Sacha Lodge is now one of the largest privately owned reserves in the country and continues to draw many international visitors every year.

Paz de las Aves Bird Refuge

Refugio Paz is a fairly unusual privately owned reserve in that it was developed by native-born Angel Paz, who inherited the land from his parents. After living on and working the land for farming purposes throughout his childhood, Angel Paz decided to convert his family land and home into a conservation refuge after realizing the appeal the area had for bird watching. Ecuador has a wealth of wildlife, flora and fauna to offer visitors in a very condensed geographical space, making it an ideal destination for wildlife lovers.

Refugio Paz is typical of this experience, as bird watchers are frequently able to see the famous Cock-of-the-rock, Golden-headed Quetzals and Toucan Barbets. However, the true prize for visiting Refugio Paz is the opportunity to see the extremely rare Giant Antpitta and the Yellow-breasted Antpitta, both of which have been personally conditioned by Angel to appear out of the forest – much to the delight of thousands of nature enthusiasts each year.

For bird watching, Ecuador offers an outstanding experience and a range of opportunities that simply cannot be equalled. The national passion for wildlife and the extensive conservation efforts are made obvious at any one of the country’s privately owned reserves. A visit to either Sacha Lodge or Refugio Paz will be very rewarding and heartening for any traveller.

Planning the Ideal Couples’ Holidays to Sardinia


Whether for a honeymoon or just a short getaway for two, holidays to Sardinia will never be short of romance. Idyllically placed in the Mediterranean Sea, the island has more than enough to offer all types of tourists – from adventurous backpackers to large groups of friends or families – but for couples, this lovely Italian island has some extra special experiences to make for the most memorable romantic holiday.

Take a Segway Tour of Cagliari

Seeing the world has come a long way in recent decades, and, today even getting around locally has become more efficient thanks to innovative modes of transportation. For those who want to explore but also want to optimise their limited vacation time, Segway tours are becoming a popular trend, especially in Cagliari. When planning holidays to Sardinia, one cannot leave out Cagliari; as the island’s capital Cagliari is one of the most visited cities on the island, and while it is a delight to explore with its lovely old cathedrals, the Marina district, the CafĂ© Van Gogh, and the Castello terrace (from which a panoramic view of the city can be enjoyed), it can also get tiring because of its many uphill streets. A Segway tour is the perfect romantic way to get around Cagliari conveniently and without the hassle that comes with driving (such as parking and driving through narrow streets) – and it’s a whole lot less taxing on your legs!

Enjoy Quality Time in the Historic Town of Castelsardo

For many couples, nothing says romance more than a relaxed wander through an historic town, and holidays to Sardinia would not be complete without visiting some of its many ancient sites. The old artefacts, the beautiful ruins, and the incredible excavation sites around the small town of Castelsardo are fascinating to say the least. The modern houses in the town provide an interesting and almost surreal contrast against the still-existing ancient structures, some of which date back to the medieval era. For an even more romantic twist, couples can wander the streets of the town in the early evening and watch it come alive as the cafes, boutiques and restaurants begin their trade.

Amazing Alghero

When planning holidays to Sardinia, it is important to factor in not only the well-known destinations but also the locally famous sites – especially restaurants and markets. These local favourites offer a unique insight into what makes the island so special, and one of the best places to uncover the real heart of the island is Alghero – an ancient site that has been around since pre-historic times. Its 16th century city walls, the incredible Alghero Cathedral, quaint streets, fabulous seafood restaurants, bars and cafes from which to watch the sun set, and the stunning beaches are just some of the attractions that make this a must-see destination.

3 Fascinating Museums to Visit in Prague


When you hop into your Prague shuttle service to transfer from the airport to your accommodation, you should pay attention to what’s just outside your window on the way there. You might just spot some fascinating sights you’d like to go back to. Here are three museums that might make your ‘to do’ list.

Aviation Museum

If you have a fascination with planes and helicopters you should definitely head for the Prague Aviation Museum. This is appropriately found on the site of the old airport, rather than the one your Prague shuttle service will leave from. It is just few miles from the centre of the city itself and you can see over 100 different aircraft, some of which date from the two World Wars. There are numerous helicopters as well as planes, not to mention plenty of information on the exhibits.

The National Museum

This is definitely well worth seeing since it offers a wealth of information on both historical and natural aspects of life here. Other areas of interest are also covered, and while there is one building near Wenceslas Square, there are so many items held by the museum they are stored in all manner of buildings. The museum has been going for nearly 200 years, so the size and scope of the exhibits is extensive. It makes for quite a fascinating day out and since many of the exhibits cover ancient periods of history you’ll learn plenty as well.

The Antonin Dvorak Museum

The name may be familiar to you, and it should be: Antonin Dvorak is one of the greatest composers to hail from this part of the world. The museum is associated with the National Museum mentioned above, but is its own entity. You’ll find it in a lovely Baroque building, where the exterior is almost as impressive as the items you will find inside. Your Prague shuttle service may go near to the museum as you make your way through the city, but nothing beats a visit to explore inside. There are both permanent and temporary exhibitions in the museum, one of which is titled The Journeys of Antonin Dvorak. Many exhibits help to illustrate the life of this man, who has a great story to tell.

As you can see, journeying into the city in your Prague shuttle service is but the beginning of a fascinating holiday. When you realise how much there is to learn courtesy of the many museums across the city, you will want to visit as many of them as possible.

Top Places to Shop ’til You Drop in London


When it comes to shopping, there are few places that appeal quite like London. If you’re planning to visit for a retail assault, once you land at Gatwick, airport taxi services are the best way to take you straight to some of the big shopping areas. However, there are so many more that you might not know about, and it would be shame to miss them if you are looking for that perfect and unique gift.

With over two thousand years of history, it’s no wonder London has become a shopping destination in and of itself. You can find anything and everything you could want here, but the key is to know where to look after you arrive at Gatwick Airport. Taxi services from the airport into the city will give you time to consider where and what kind of shopping you want to do, then, once you have settled into your accommodation, you can venture out and get shopping!

Posh shopping streets

If you have a penchant for design items that scream elegance and style, head straight to Bond Street once you’ve paid off your Gatwick airport taxi driver! Here you will find some of the most exclusive and expensive shops in the city. You can browse in Dior, Gucci, Burberry, Alexander McQueen and many more. There are more Royal Warrant holders on this street than anywhere else in London.

If you want menswear, including custom suits and shirts, then Piccadilly and Jermyn Streets are the places to go. Elegant hotels like the Ritz set the scene for shopping opportunities at places like Lladro and John Lobb. For an area filled with women’s fashion retailers, head over towards Marylebone. Pop into the many elegant shops here, and then wander over to the chi chi boutiques on Chiltern Street, which is just a short walk away. For the mass-department store shopping streets you can’t beat Oxford Street. With Marks and Spencer’s, Selfridges, H&M and many more, this is the busiest shopping street in Europe.

Markets and vintage shopping

There are few cities in the UK that support quite as many markets as London. There are enough markets in the city to keep you busy for days after you arrive at Gatwick Airport! Taxi drivers are a great source of local information, so get yours to give you some insider tips on the best markets to visit.

Foodies can’t pass up a visit to Borough Market, which is one of the biggest food markets in London and runs a full complement of stalls Wednesdays through Saturdays. For all things strange and quirky, head to the famous Camden Markets. Camden Lock and Camden Markets are open all week; Thursday is the book market and Wednesdays and Saturdays are best for vintage and antique finds, including clothes. If you’re seeking out antiques, head over to Portobello Road Market on a Saturday. This market in the Notting Hill area is one of the best places to forage for antiques and vintage curiosities.

Top 3 Activities in Salzburg Every Tourist Must Do


Salzburg is one of the most stunning cities in the world, and its historical legacy alone is enough for any tourist to fall in love with it. Whether it is the city’s ancient cathedrals and castles (which have endured for centuries), the scenic landscapes made iconic by the movie The Sound of Music, or simply the sheer beauty of the gardens and public parks of the city, there is something for every tourist in this lovely Austrian city. Fortunately, today’s travellers can now rely on a Salzburg shuttle service to get them to their accommodation quickly and easily, and once there, the following activities should be on any itinerary.

Go on a Cycling Tour on the Set of Sound of Music

Once the Salzburg shuttle service has transported you to your accommodation, it’s time to get out and explore. Although it’s the fourth largest city in Austria, it is very accessible and easy to get around – and there is so much to see! One of the highly recommended and most popular tours is a cycling tour around several locations used as sets in the 1965 musical film, The Sound of Music. Fans of the movie will be able to channel their inner Maria as they are guided around the iconic locations where the film was shot, including the beautiful Trapp Villa and Hellbrun’s gardens. It will take around 20 minutes from the Altstadt to the Trap Villa, but the pleasant cycling and the fantastic destination will not disappoint. Moreover, those who are self-confessed fanatics of the film could elevate the experience even more by booking a room at the Trap Villa and spending the night in one of the most important icons in 20th century cinema.

Explore the City on a Historical Tour on Foot

Even without the Sound of Music tour, the city is an amazing destination that caters to many different types of tourists. For those who appreciate history, there are more than enough old cathedrals, museums, monasteries and castles in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. While many tourists prefer to explore the city on their own-arriving from the airport and getting to different destinations is easy enough with the Salzburg shuttle service -there are also guided tours that usually last for two hours and include numerous stops in the lovely Baroque city, including the famous Salzburg Dome Cathedral.

Mozart’s Geburtshaus

Any trip to the city would not be complete without a visit to Mozart’s Geburtshaus, birthplace of the world-renowned classical music composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Your Salzburg shuttle service may even take you past Mozart’s Geburtshaus on the way from the airport. This incredible townhouse is filled with amazing collections that allow visitors an intimate glimpse into Mozart’s earlier life. The most notable items housed in the museum include the mini violin Mozart played when he was a toddler, a number of other instruments, and many portraits.

While there are so many other attractions that are well worth visiting in this fabulous city, missing these three should not be an option.

Why Relationships Fail


Most people, when asked if they want a loving relationship, will say that having a loving relationship is one of the two most important things to them – along with having work they love.

Why, then, do so many relationships fail?

If we want to go deeply into why relationships fail, we need to go all the way back to the parental relationship.

When we didn’t receive the love, safety, security and emotional regulation we needed as infants, we developed protective patterns that allowed us to manage the pain of this – patterns that, unless healed, continue to affect our relationships. Protective patterns, such as anger, withdrawal, compliance and resistance invariably create relationship problems.

The bottom-line issue is that when we didn’t receive the love we needed, we didn’t learn to love ourselves. Instead, we learned to abandon ourselves with our various protections against the pain of not being loved.

If there is one answer to why relationships fail, it’s because we don’t love ourselves. Instead, we try valiantly to get the love from our partner that we didn’t receive as a child, or try to avoid being controlled by our partner the way we might have been controlled as a child. While we are operating from our protective patterns, our partner is doing the same thing. The love that we originally felt grinds to a halt as the patterns of anger, withdrawal, compliance and resistance play out.

In the 46 years that I’ve been working with individuals and couples, I’ve seen variations of this same pattern play out over and over, resulting in a failed relationship, unless the protective patterns heal.

Healing Rather Than Leaving

Since we generally attract people at our common level of woundedness – which means our common level of self-abandonment/self-rejection/lack of self-love- the chances of repeating the patterns that lead to relationship failure are great. Unless there is physical or emotional abuse, relationship problems can offer us opportunities to heal these patterns. Yet, often, when things get tough, we think we need to leave the relationship. Instead, why not stay, and take advantage of the opportunity? Why not devote yourself to learning to love yourself so that you can share love with your partner?

Here is what can happen in a relationship when two people decide to learn to love themselves, which is what the Inner Bonding process is all about.

As you each learn to connect with your Source of Love (we live in a universe of love, but when you are operating from your protective patterns, you can’t feel the love that is here for you), you begin to be able to feel love within. As you each learn to feel the love within, you gradually learn to define yourselves as this love.

You each recognize that your soul is a part of this love, and therefore lovable and worthy. The more you each define your intrinsic worth as love, the fuller you each feel inside, and eventually you both feel so full of love within that it comes spilling out to be shared with each other.

Loving yourselves brings each of you the safety and security you might have been seeking from each other. Now, instead of trying to get love from each other, you are each sharing your love with your partner. Ironically, you are each giving to the other what you have wanted from each other, but were unable to freely give to each other previously.

I hope you can see that self-abandonment/self-rejection is the major cause of relationship failure, and learning to love yourself is what heals relationships. There is no greater joy in life than the sharing of love, but you cannot share what you don’t know you have. Until you learn to love yourself, you cannot share love with another.

So, instead of leaving your relationship, learn to love yourself, and create the relationship you’ve always wanted. Even if just one of you decides to learn to love yourself, your relationship system might change enough to turn the relationship around. And it if doesn’t and the relationship comes to an end, at least you won’t be taking the same protective patterns into your next relationship. You have nothing to lose by learning to love yourself!